Friday, August 6, 2010

Misanthrope Emily's Convoluted Thinking (aka killerquill)

Emily Young,, made the sweeping declaration that when one sets no boundaries in one's choice of reading materials, basically being free to read any garbage that our corrupt world churns out, that prevents one from becoming a misanthrope.  Following are her comments to me from our debate on her aunt's ( my friend's) facebook page, as well as from her charming posting on her lady-like blog entitled Conversations with the Psychotic and Intellectually Barren:

We have so-called "depressing" literature on required reading lists because, in a sense, it is soft preparation for the types of situations and people that young adults might encounter in the real world. Literature is not indoctrination. In fact, it is the one thing that prevents narrow-mindedness and indoctrination. Reading (especially reading a wide array of viewpoints) is at its very essence the antidote to ignorance, bitterness, and misanthropy.

Since Emily has engaged in reading that is so varied and open-minded, my question for her is, why then, is she a self-proclaimed misanthrope?  Why hasn't her avid reading proven itself to be her fail-safe method protecting her from harboring bitterness?  She has me scratching my head in confusion.  Following is her last sentence in our battle of words:

"Sigh. And people WONDER why I'm such a misanthrope."

According to her, taking license to fill one's mind with unbridled stuff and nonsense is supposedly the antidote to disliking and distrusting people.  What a contradiction she presents between what she professes and what she actually lives!  Emily, I do WONDER why you are such a misanthrope?  Obviously, her empty, meaningless reading has not worked it's intended magic.

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