Monday, October 6, 2014

Hannah Graham and Jesse Matthew in Charlottesville, VA, My Hometown.

No, Hannah Graham's disappearance was definitely NOT her fault.  That lies squarely on the depraved shoulders of an evil psychopath named Jesse Matthew.  However, many are not speaking realistically concerning how Hannah's comportment that night definitely played a significant part in her disappearance.  I do not mean she wanted to be raped.  I do not mean she was asking for it.  I do not mean she got what she deserved.  Far from it!  Face it folks.  Due to living in this depraved world, and not in utopia, one's behaviour is significant.  Consider the old adage - Actions speak louder than words.  My female body is not a detriment to me for it was beautifully created by God.  Hannah's beautiful, young, athletic body was not a detriment to her.  Had Hannah not been out alone late, in the dark, inebriated, dressed seductively, she would still be alive.  She would not have been targeted by Jesse Matthew for she would not have been on the downtown mall!  That's the truth.  Yes, females are targets of sexual predators no matter what.  Of course, such barbaric behaviour by males is NEVER excusable!  However, behaving safely, wisely, and healthily can serve to dramatically reduce the probability that a female will be abducted by a wicked predator, who cares nothing for her beautiful, unique, priceless life.  Many shout loudly that males are responsible for keeping their baser instincts in check.  Unequivocally so!  However, there are many males in this world who do NOT care a whit about reining themselves in.  Due to living in our narcissistic culture, we ALL know that to be unequivocally so!  We do not live in heaven!  We live in a world corrupted by sin, and if we don't wisely protect ourselves and our children, we live foolishly, dangerously, irresponsibly, unlovingly.  I will reiterate - the morally corrupt males who willfully choose to perpetrate violent crimes against females are alone responsible for their egregious acts, even in our culture that is responsible for breeding such psychopaths.  However, as females with 50% less brute strength, we must live wisely, safely and healthily as best we can to curtail much of the criminal activity directed at us. 

What resulted in Hannah Graham’s devastating disappearance was like the perfect gathering storm. How the seemingly insignificant parts to her story, while standing alone, all added together, in the end produced a fatal result. A fatal ending that reminds me of the disaster that occurred on Mount Everest in 1996, detailed in the book INTO THIN AIR. All the components that alone would have simply been an inconvenience, when strung together, caused the deaths of a number of expert mountain climbers.

The only real answer to all of our woes is Jesus!  We all pay the price when He is rejected.