Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Search for a Church Home

How weary my family had become in our search for a church home. Whew, what a blessing to find a pastor who genuinely attempts to live set-apart for Jesus. He loves and reads, to his congregation, Leonard Ravenhill, believes mightily in and teaches the power of corporate prayer, and does not have cable/satellite because he does not want the filth from Tell-lie-vision pumped into his home. During our long, arduous search, we have discovered that, (since we do not live in Windsor, CO, to attend Eric Ludy's church), we definitely prefer an older, wiser, more mature man to lead us. Younger pastors tend to be cocky and trendy, and less likely to be willing to listen to us and to, therefore, care about the needs and preferences of older congregants. Obviously, there are exceptions - ie Eric Ludy. One thirty-something pastor treated me as if I am an untrustworthy psychopath who cries fake tears when expedient.  How could I sit under a man who thinks this about me??? Another apparently disdains me because I believe psychology is a valid field.  Even though he has 782 friends on facebook, he denied me as one.  I cannot figure out why he finds the study of human behaviour to be unnecessary and evil. 

Ultimately Jesus is THE answer to all our problems in this corrupt world. However, we also need god-in-skin to encourage, serve, humble, teach, comfort, lead, inspire and motivate us. In a third church, the worship leader who is young enough to be my son, shockingly disrespected me. It was Easter and I merely told him I had looked forward to singing some traditional Easter hymns, and was disappointed that we had not. He flippantly replied, "Oh, we're not going in that direction," as he immediately turned and walked away. His attitude certainly took the wind outta my sail. Sadly, at the same time, my teenage daughter witnessed the entire scenario, and he is the youth pastor!  Not a good example for her, eh, especially not at the precarious spiritual place she was in. Later, when I dared to mention this to the lead pastor, also thirty-something, as well as a deacon, they told me exactly the same thing, as if my preference was totally insignificant. Ouch! The two of them would not even allow me to finish my thoughts on the topic, before rudely cutting me off. Disrespect much? How sad it is that churches today cater to the young, while treating those with wisdom as if they have no further purpose, instead of wisely gleaning from their wisdom, honoring them while doing so. Women have much discernment, especially as they age.  Why not be willing to tap into that valuable resource? Au contraire - I have been called judgmental when, with the intention of healing, sharing nuggets of wisdom.  How exceedingly hurtful to see what the lead pastor wrote publicly about me:    "Like Jesus, some of the most frustrating people I have to deal with are those religious critics who are quick to judge and shake their finger.  Please don't confuse these people for what being a Christ follower is all about."  How could I sit under a man who believes I'm not even a Christian???

If truth-noticing followers question their religious leaders' conduct, they often are accused of being "judgmental."  In the confusion about individual "rights," the responsibility for evaluating the behaviour of others is sacrificed on the altar of unlimited tolerance and indiscriminate compassion.  Followers who see and speak truth may be told they don't "know enough," which means they have no business questioning the leader's doctrines or directions.  ~from the book Hurt People Hurt People

How sad it is that many young people have never had the opportunity to sing the traditional old hymns that are fraught with meaning. Another thirty-something pastor had such a temper he threw chairs at his teenage daughter during service. Yet another admitted, during a sermon, to watching the edifying Tell-lie-vision program So You Think You Can Dance! We need a man, not a woman, to lead us whose heart is thirsting and hungering after the Word made flesh - Jesus - and God's Holy written Word - the Bible. "As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after Thee." ~Psalm 42:1 Thankfully, we have found him!