Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mental WILLness

Of course outside influences not under our control contribute to mental illness:  trauma, cruelty of others, profound loss, chemical imbalance, heredity.  However, many suffer from mental illness due to their own choices.    Mental illness doesn’t come out of nowhere, and none of us can escape it.  Bad behaviour reaps natural, and sometimes lasting, consequences.  Followers of Christ are also living with mental illness due to their own unwise choices - either in the past or as habitual sin - just as followers of Christ reap the consequences of their unhealthy choices that lead to physical illness. Those who have chosen to reject Jesus do assuredly live with mental illness, which is at the core a spiritual illness.  Hurt people hurt people and we are all hurting.  All facets of our being are intricately interwoven:  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Personality disorders are birthed from harmful behaviours;  demonic activity is often present.  The will is exceedingly significant, and unfortunately, many do not choose to live as victorious overcomers in this world.  As we help carry each other’s burdens, our mental illness becomes less isolating and easier to bear.