Friday, May 21, 2010

Hannah Rose, My Lovely One

Grace and mercy is what thy lovely name means,
Before you were born, you were much in my dreams.

To me, in His plan, thy life God foretold,
He created your form in thy unique mold.

Expectantly awaiting your birth that year,
How we rejoiced when you were finally here.

Our miraculous gift from heaven above,
Placed in our family to treasure and love.

Entrusting you, darling, in my arms to hold,
An example thou art to both young and old.

In living for God, you have nothing to fear,
Thy faith in Him makes you believe He is near.

Your loving spirit is a beacon for Him
Keep nurturing so it will never grow dim.

God wills you to work beside Him and be bold,
You run for the prize that is made of pure gold.

Thou art such a joy to spend time with and rear,
My Hannah Rose I will forever hold dear.

by Your Mother Dear
(Ginny Bain Allen)

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