Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comparing Two Recent Inaugural Parades

Matt Lauer's interview with President Bush was quite revealing as the segment with the video from Bush's inaugural parade rolled. George and his lovely wife had to sit behind thick bullet-proof glass as they traveled the route down Pennsylvania Avenue due to the hateful, venom-spewing progressives lining the streets. Swat teams were there in full force holding them back, fencing them off, using bodily force to keep them in check. Nasty signs were in abundance, spitting skills were practiced and hateful words screamed at our President and Laura, preventing them from exiting the safety of their limousine. Compare that to the leisurely way Barack and Michele were allowed to stroll peacefully down Pennsylvania Avenue, interfacing with their adoring public, during Obama's inaugural parade on another chilly day in January. I ask you.  Who are the hate-mongers, the radical trouble-makers, the intolerant, the name-callers??? Who are the respectful, peaceful, dignified ones??? With which group do you want to be aligned???