Wednesday, September 21, 2016

John Pavlovitz Saved Me from Public Humiliation Over Stating the Truth of Black Lives Matter

There is a man named John Pavlovitz, a pastor in fact, who lives in Wake Forest, NC, who called me hateful, ignorant and a liar tonight on his twitter account.  He's been exceedingly rude to me in the past as well.  Not becoming behaviour for a church leader, is it?  The Bible has explicit requirements for church leaders, and it's clear to me that John Pavlovitz does not meet them.  He instructed me to "do better" after I simply informed him of an alarming guiding principle on the Black Lives Matter website that reads:  "We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…"  Anyone can view the BLM guiding principles proudly displayed on their website, so why would I make it up?  He is the student pastor at North Raleigh Community Church.  Not an exemplary man to guide teens along the narrow way to eternal life in Jesus, is he?  He finds it funny that he chose to block me after I called him out on his rudeness and for telling lies about me.  Interesting since on his website he declares this, "I welcome you to say what you believe needs to be said in response, knowing that ultimately the truth is somewhere in the middle."  Of what is he afraid?  Why does he not want to learn the truth about BLM???  Why does he not want others to learn the truth?  Of course, he doesn't want anyone to know what he typed to me, for it would clearly display his un-Christ-likeness.   Immediately after, I saw what he posted about me, from my other twitter account.  I ask you - how is it hateful or ignorant or a lie when all I did was inform him of their own words on the Black Lives Matter website???  Is it not wise for one and all to know precisely what BLM is all about?  I had never viewed their website before I heard Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answer Man relay the very words I typed above.  Listening to his illuminating radio program one afternoon as I was driving towards my home in Raleigh, I almost drove off the road due to the evil of those words sending a chill down my spine!  Many claim that it's feminists who are causing the foundation of our society to fracture - the traditional family.  BLM are obviously in cahoots with feminists!  See what John posted below about me.  And one more thing - thanks for being merciful enough to save me from publicly humiliating myself further, John!