Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Fruits of My Dad's Godly Life

Living a life of charity,
My dear dad’s legacy to me.

Such joy radiated from his being,
Benefiting from such joy was freeing.

His peaceful worldview on life,
Helped us live without much strife.

A kind and patient man was he,
Walking with Jesus for all to see.

Goodness marked most every act.
Choosing love, he spoke with tact.

Faithful to God through all his years,
True to God’s Word, not giv’n to fears.

Indwelling his gentle and quiet spirit,
God’s Holy Spirit in Dad was a fine fit.

Using self-control to live, not his will,
Choosing to live his life led by God’s will.

Ginny Kirk Bain Allen (Kirk was my Dad's name)

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