Friday, May 21, 2010


The awe inspired as I marvel at the bounty of my imaginative Creator's goodness.

The assurance guaranteed that I will live forever with Him.

The strength gained while worshiping in the midst of Christ's believers.

The faith applied when two or more of us pray together in His name.

The hope renewed when in His authoritative Word I stay.

The serenity expressed, on the face of a wee child, that I yearn to claim for myself.

The unconditional love afforded me by a kindred spirit who believes in and trusts me, come what may.

The security achieved as my industrious earthly father and husband supply my every need.

The peace enjoyed while living in a cozy home with my nurturing, servant mother.

The compassion modeled in the words and actions of a gentle brother.

The joy shared while engaging in heart-to-heart chats with my children.

The opportunity given me to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

The obligation required of me to help others in His name.

The freedom discovered as I surrender my all to the One who breathed into me His gift of life.

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