Friday, June 29, 2012

Intolerant, Homophobic, Fear-mongering, Free Love Hating, Christian Bigots

For as much as our nation sounds the bullying alarm, it surely makes a constant practice of tolerating it. It just depends on who you are whether or not you will be held accountable for employing the use of bullying tactics. Intellectual elite intimidate conservatives who live for Jesus into silence, for they know too well that sincere Christians shy away from anything that would make them appear hateful, intolerant or judgmental. Bullies are aggressive, arrogant and bent on achieving and maintaining their way, come hell or high water. They treat those who oppose them as if they are not even people, without consideration or compassion.

Progressive cosmopolites (odd that there's not a polite cell in their bodies) from northern metropolises move into small southern conservative towns with the intention of bullying the laid-back, gentle townsfolks into allowing said progressives to totally transform their once endearing towns, with traditional family values, into enclaves of ruination. The foundation of their unwholesome views lies in their narcissistic antiChrist stance as well as their pursuit of "free love," out of which their acceptance of homosexuality and pro-abortion opinions arise. Of course, they are on board with the billion dollar pornography industry that destroys myriad lives in its wake, unbridled consumption of alcohol that also destroys many lives in various ways, the garbage Hollywood pumps out in films and Television programming, the putrid lyrics in pop music, along with the accompanying immodest, impure dress of those singing them, violent games and subversive, antiChrist public schooling and literature. Of course, over-arching all of this is their antiChrist propaganda.


  1. There are several vague-but-specific, emotionally charged labels floating around in this piece- “intellectual elite,” “progressive cosmopolites,” “traditional family values,” and “narcissistic anti-Christ stance” among them – and that frightens and angers me. It frightens me because I spent the first eighteen years of my life at the mercy of the wrath of those who thought I was “evil” because I am not a Christian and because my politics are quite far to the Left, and I had absolutely no idea what I’d done to deserve it. It angers me because these and similar phrases kept me in a perpetual state of self-hatred until my mid-thirties, when I found a wonderful therapist who has helped me heal. But I’ll never reclaim the years I spent imprisoned by my own torment, years I could have been making art and living/loving life instead of paying scam artists – therapeutic and spiritual – to “fix” me.

    “Bullies are aggressive, arrogant and bent on achieving and maintaining their way, come hell or high water. They treat those who oppose them as if they are not even people, without consideration or compassion.” That’s true. That is what bullies do. And that is what was done to me as a girl, growing up in a small, supposedly laid-back, gentle town – in the North, mind you! – because those acting in the name of an all-loving Christ could smell the weird on me, so to speak, and decided I needed punishment, allegedly in the name of love.

    I know many truly gentle, laid-back, and, yes, progressive Christians who deplore what is done in the name of their Lord and deplore the exploitative, abusive, anti-woman pornography industry. They also don’t claim to be the victim when they’re clearly not. They understand they’re in a tremendous position of privilege as Christians, and they use their privilege to foster understanding with those of every conceivable race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. And most importantly, they understand that this does not mean “fixing” or “converting.” They understand that all paths up the mountain lead to the top. Do you?

  2. Jesus is THE way, THE truth, and THE life. There is no other.