Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Sociopath Walks Free

Wow, a diabolical sociopath walks free? How can this be? If she had aborted Caylee, she would be free. Now, after killing her own flesh and blood at age two, Casey Anthony is free! Any rational person would see there is no difference in killing an unborn baby or a two year old. Then there's Peter Singer of Princeton declaring nobody is a person until age two.  So, apparently now all murder is legal in the sunshine state, not just abortion, but lying is still illegal.  What a disadvantage to the prosecution to have a jury not educated in the fine art of psychopathy.  Had they been well versed in it, they NEVER would have allowed such an evil woman to be set free back into society.  As all the experts on psychopathy teach, we all need to educate ourselves on psychopaths, sociopaths, character-disordered, antisocials - whatever ya wanna call them or not call them, for many are afraid of labels.  How dangerous, irresponsible and idiotic that is!  Among us in quantity, their number is growing at an alarming rate due to our narcissistic culture, looking out for numero uno.  So many are praising our judicial system.  I laugh in the face of that foolishness.  

satan is as busy a worldly prince as is William!

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