Friday, July 15, 2011


Works of art to be ogled at, women are not.  Made of flesh and blood, they have feelings, aspirations, and dreams.  Our society evaluates the sexual attractiveness of women by creating uncommon, unearthly standards of beauty, causing many to consider they are inferior.  We all suffer when women are dishonored by allowing themselves to become immodest slabs of meat on display for all to enjoy.  Wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and daughters are wounded when significant males in their lives view nude bodies of indiscriminate women.  Males become mesmerized with the so-called ideal specimens, who do not nag or have any expectations of them, who appear to stare longingly back and desire them from screens or glossy, airbrushed pages.  Creating fantasy worlds for men, these models cause divisions between men and the women who truly care for them.  Sex was designed by God to be intimate, not anonymous.  And folks wonder from whence comes disrespect for, neglect of, and violence directed at women?

The centerfold layout of your issue mimicking the dishonorable, heartless, selfish publication Playboy, was despicable.  Glorifying public nudity and bringing the knowledge of such careless behavior to the attention of local residents is irresponsible and inconsiderate.
 Miss October is not representing exemplary conduct, and to suggest that Charlottesville and the University of Virginia should be proud of such corrupting behavior is narrow-minded.
 How we spend our time shapes who we are, and how we build the persons we are is cause for social concern.  At all times we must ask ourselves whether what we are doing is loving or wise.  Are we putting the needs and feelings of others above our own, or is the pursuit of our own pleasure the measure of our lives?

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