Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prince William and His Bride Katherine

So many are wondering whether or not Prince William and his lovely bride will stay married.  Comments have been made such as, "Royal wedding, check, but will the marriage itself be royal?"  I've heard myriad critical comments concerning their big day on April 29, but my take on their union is a bit different.

What a supreme blessing it was that upwards of one third of the planet's population viewed Catherine's four minute walk down the red-carpeted aisle in fabled Westminster Abbey.  We beheld marriage the way God created it to be between one man and one woman.  They gave a black eye to the homosexual community - take that Elton John.  The Scriptures that were read, the glorious music played in accompaniment to the lyrics sung by both sweet and powerful voices, the vows exchanged, the prayers offered up, along with God's magnificent Maple trees adding their natural beauty, all lifted Jesus up before the audience of the world.  William's and Catherine's love for each other was evident to all, and as long as they keep Jesus at the centre of their royal marriage, their bond will remain unbroken.

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