Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol

Should we truly be proud that Scotty McCreery participated in such a raunchy show? And, a hero, really?  What has Scotty done that is heroic?  The Bible says we are either friends with Jesus or with the world. We can't have it both ways. American Idol is so far from family viewing!  Our addiction to entertainment has neutered our minds and trivialized our hearts. Beyonce, J Lo and Gaga (she is NOT a lady) all dress, move and sing like they're prostitutes. Stephen Tyler is a womanizer.  Of course, it's what our sex-crazed culture wants, but Christians have no business indulging in such sleaze, do they? Sadly, I was duped into viewing a couple episodes due to all the hoopla over Scotty, since he's from where I live, but I VOW TO NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN! JESUS IS NOT PLEASED WITH AMERICAN IDOL! Will fame and fortune change Scotty like it changes most who attain it? Consider the example of Jordan Sparks! Observe how Carrie Underwood sings Jesus Take the Wheel, but also the filth she sang on American Idol.  This does not compute.  Consider how the fathers of these women feel about their little girls exposing all for the world to view!  Do we want our husbands, sons and fathers viewing the flesh that God created to be sacred?  God calls His people to live set-apart from the world, not to partake of its sinful pleasures.  Talk is cheap, and many who proclaim Jesus as Lord do not mean it, and many who do mean it initially, fall away when yielding to the temptations of this fallen, corrupt world. :(  We're not supposed to live as much like the world as possible while hoping to still slide into heaven one day.  We're called to be as much like our Master, Saviour and Lord as possible!  We're called to seek His will, not our own as we surrender all to Him!  We must engage our brains to think for ourselves, taking every thought captive to Christ while doing so!

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