Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christmas 2007

Jesus – The Reason for Every Season
by Ginny Bain Allen

I pray for you all a Mighty Christmas this year!
Cling to Jesus each moment for He's ever near.

What's up with folks proclaiming, "Happy Holidays?"
Inquiring minds query, "Which happy holy days?

What's the point of the holiday tree, season, vacation?
It's all about lifting Him up, it's His celebration.

Becoming flesh to dwell among His lambs lonely and lost,
In a stable born, displaying humbleness at great cost.

To a carpenter born, a carpenter He would become,
With each nail that He drove, did He reminisce of His home?

Taking our sins upon Himself – a prophecy fulfilled,
That I should such a life destroy, yet live by Him I killed!

Arms opened wide for us, love alone would have held Him there,
Needing no nails, scars of obedience He'll always wear.

Wise, humble men seek Him as their Good Shepherd,
Daily time spent with Him in reading His Word.

Being still before Him, peacefully listening, seeking,
Allowing His Spirit to help us bide in His keeping.

In adoration we bow as our hearts are stirred.
Devoted to pure living in thought, deed and word.

Empow'ring us to live with Him through His grace
We now must stand firm to the end of this race.


  1. Please don't dishonor Christ by placing His Holy Name under the title of Christmas. Historically Christ wasn't even born in December but in the fall. It was the sun god's birthday that was on the 25th. Christianity was incorporated into the pagan holidays. Jesus is not the reason for the season. Old Testament warns about the whole Christmas ordeal in Jeremiah. Please don't try to put Jesus in with Christmas.

  2. Would you kindly show respect by stepping out of the shadow of anonymity into the light of identification? I most assuredly did not dishonor Jesus in my poem. He IS the reason for every season!

    1. You know u use that first phrase a lot. What I meant was Jesus, the Holy and Living God is NOT the reason for the Christmas season.

  3. In other words, you have seen me elsewhere online, Anon? Is that what you mean when you say I use that phrase a lot?

  4. Yes. Is there anything Mrs Allen that I can pray for you for? I hope I have not angered you with my comment. Just after learning of the horrors behind Christmas it just makes me flinch when I see someone talking about Jesus is the reason for the season. That's all.