Thursday, October 4, 2012

How can we hold Cassidy responsible for killing her baby?

Can we realistically hold this misguided fourteen year old child responsible for her pathetic act when our culture does not afford dignity to human life?  How convoluted is this thinking?  Our illustrious president adamantly opposes protection for an aborted baby who survives the attempt to end her/his life.  He has no problem with the defenseless infant lying there alone, on a blue pad, struggling for every breath.  Why is this fourteen year old girl's baby's life deemed more significant than those defenseless babies allowed to suffer to death, unattended?  Cassidy's baby was unwanted too.  At what precise moment did her baby's life become valuable?  How is it legally permissible, in 2012 in the United States of America, for females to have the precious little lives developing inside of them to be diabolically ripped from their nurturing, safe havens.  Casey Anthony, remember her, desired an abortion when she was pregnant with Caylee, but her mother, Cindy Anthony, would not allow it.  That action would have been accepted by our murderous society.  However, when Casey killed Caylee at age two, she was locked up.  At what precise moment did Caylee's worthless life suddenly become valuable?  At what point was it suddenly not OK to consider killing her anymore?  This fourteen year old Florida teen, Cassidy, is a mere child.  The frontal lobe of her brain has not yet finished developing.  All children make bad decisions, don't they?  Did her parents have the right to be informed of the life growing within their daughter's womb?  Aren't they responsible to help her formulate right beliefs and correct thinking.  That's what conservatives believe.  Progressives differ by saying conservatives have no right to indoctrinate their offspring into their narrow way of thinking.  Wait a minute, how can they deny them this when, while also saying, everyone needs to be accepted for what they deem right for themselves.  According to our present culture that says everything is relative, how could she or her parents be held accountable for her act?  I have no doubt many all-wise progressives have said as much though.  Again, convoluted thinking much?  In my view, it does sound as if Cassidy's parents need to be held accountable for blatant neglect of their child.  After all, she is a small girl and her baby boy weighed over nine pounds.  How could they miss her bump?  According to our postmodern culture, it was their right to neglect her, so we must tolerate it.  In a similar situation, it might not be what we deem right for us.  We need to accept that what is right for us may not be right for someone else, and that's just the way it has become in our common-sense-is-not-common-anymore society.  In a society that says there is no truth, no right and wrong, how could Cassidy be charged with the first degree murder of her newborn baby?  As much as tolerance is touted from the rooftops across our nation, aren't we expected to tolerate her decision?  In a sense, Cassidy simply took the scissors from an abortionist's hands to use them herself.

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