Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gospel, grace, faith, holiness, righteousness, purity and love

The GOSPEL has been reduced to a message merely about forgiveness while the idea of regeneration and transformation seems almost totally forgotten. GRACE has become simply a gigantic hug from God and is no longer the muscle of God brought to earth to aid the weakness of men and to give them strength. FAITH has morphed into this bizarre idea of "honest doubt" and has lost its essence of rock-solid unwavering confidence in the ability of God to perform that which He promises. HOLINESS has transformed into moralistic tyranny for the soul and something to be avoided at all costs. RIGHTEOUSNESS has been redefined to mean an unreachable standard of perfection. PURITY has become nothing more than a legalistic attempt to stay away from things and thoughts that God knows we won't be able to abstain from anyway. LOVE has become unconditional acceptance and tolerance of sin. ~Eric Ludy from the BRAVEHEARTED GOSPEL


  1. Aside from the Bible, I wholeheartedly think that The Bravehearted Gospel is the most desperately needed book in the Church and the world right now, today. It is a fervent call, a battle cry, to rise boldly from the mediocrity we have fallen into and couragously and victoriously live our lives as poured-out sacrifices for our King Jesus Christ. In an Age where truth is made to seem obscure and inconsistent, and doubt is increasingly esteemed, this is an urgent call to return to the One who is Truth, unchanging and eternal. It is a call to reclaim that for which He died for us. The noble passion and message of this book represents all that is missing in the Church today, that which is the Bravehearted life of the Gospel.

    1. I greatly appreciate your comment, Eesti! What an exceeding blessing it is to meet kindred spirits such as yourself! Stand firm in Truth which is Jesus! Blessings!