Friday, September 2, 2011

THE VOICE by Donald Miller, Lauren Winner, Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet and Chris Seay

I am exceedingly disturbed over THE VOICE. Why exactly, I ask you, do we NEED a completely new Bible translation for today? “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever!” ~Hebrews 13:8. What about that simple declaration is so difficult for you emergent village people to decipher? He NEVER changes! It is not He who needs to mold to people. He WILL NOT transform Himself to fit the narcissistic, unholy requirements of the heretical postmodern church. Get with the program. It’s people who need to mold to His holy example! Does this ring a bell? “Be ye holy as He is holy.” Oh, silly me, I forgot, THE VOICE has no doubt altered that precept found in 1 Peter 1:15 of God’s Holy Word. The worst part of your pathetic attempt to rearrange THE WORD OF GOD, and “improve upon it”, is that you are leading others to hell, along with yourselves! Does the adage “Misery loves company” fit with your diabolical scheme from the pit of hell? Woe to you! Let me guess, Bart Ehrman, Frank Schaeffer and Rob Bell were participants in this “new and improved” translation. Am I correct?

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  1. The purpose of The Voice translation was to help people who struggle with understanding the scriptures to better do so; the work that was done translating the Holy Word was done, therefore, to help connect people to God's Word. That being said, The Voice is certainly not for everyone--no doubt you have no need for it. But, you see, Christians are called to reach out to non-Christians in love, so projects like The Voice are not meant for you. I would add, if there is even a single non-Christian who is brought into some relationship with Jesus because of this translation, it is a good work, no matter what "heresy" you think it is.

    Even the Holy King James translation is, in fact, a translation. God has used it; God can use The Voice.