Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Abby Johnson's UNPLANNED

Hallelujah!!!  Another of Planned Barrenhood's finest, their superstar Abby Johnson, has come over to the "dark" side and joined pro-lifers!!! Her much-acclaimed book UNPLANNED is hot off the presses today and has already reached number 11 at Amazon this morning!!! Please purchase a copy to help put UNPLANNED at number one on all Best Seller lists!!!


  1. Who IS the father of Abby Johnson's new son? And WHY did she renew her marriage vows while engaging in affairs with two men? Did she become a Catholic to be able to speak at many more venues, affording her many more bucks? How CAN a Catholic be pro-life without first being pro-Jesus???

  2. Or did Claire Culwell, Abby's travel companion, make this all up? One or both of them are bad news! Which is it? The truth MUST be revealed!