Monday, August 2, 2010

Emily's Poison Pen Blogspot

I should also mention that Ginny DOES keep a blog. Enjoy the pure, undiluted 100% crazy! 

Oh, and her adult daughter has an entire blog dedicated to a stillborn baby. Okay, before you unleash the tide of "you heartless bastard!" -- just hear me out: please don't get me wrong, giving birth to a stillborn baby is extremely heart-wrenching and devastating. That woman has every right to grieve. But there is something EXTREMELY disturbing about setting up a PUBLIC blogshrine to a dead baby, replete with photographs of the deceased. I mean, for fuck's sake, the poor thing in the photograph is so far gone that it's already showing livor mortis. And to think that everyone went around posing for photos and mourning over this stillborn for... how long, Hours? Where is the respect and dignity for the dead? Since when did heartfelt grief for a lost child become an extremely public affair with photo albums and countdown clocks ("it's been 4 months since we said goodbye")?

I've noticed that there is a strong trend among religious right fanatics to set up blogshrines to their stillborn babies or anencephalic, dying babies. I'm not kidding. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm guessing it's a combination of: "pro-life" (anti-choice) fervor, the belief that a woman's duty is to be an incubator, religious delusion (and thus an incapability of coming to terms with natural death/dying), poor emotional coping skills, and the chance to become a "martyr mom" among fundies. I think that is why these women SNAP when they realize their pregnancy is not viable and they decide to carry to term any way to show off their martyrdom. And there is mental illness involved. I'm not the sanest person in the bunch, but I feel sorry for Ginny and her daughter, as there is obviously a lot of psychological instability between them. But what can you do?

Sigh. And people WONDER why I'm such a misanthrope.


  1. Obviously, Emily is a miserable young woman, and needs to be bathed in prayer! Saul was transformed into Paul by Jesus' power, so there's hope for anyone!

  2. Sorry for the pain that grinch caused. I commented on her post too. I am praying for your comfort. *hugs*

  3. Her words drip with condescension. I pity her and simply find comfort in the many verses that speak of our foes being "dealt with" on judgement day. I pray you find peace in that as well. I am truly sorry for the hurt that these ignorant and arrogant words have caused you. I find it extremely ironic that she hates the self-righteousness of Christians...I wonder if she has ever read any of her own words? Her judgemental attitude just turns me off from the get go. I won't give her the pleasure of reading any more of her blog. I have much better uses of my time and know that our Lord will act on your behalf and in your defense. Hang in there and keep writing, dear one. I enjoy your writing very much and love your sweet Hannah dearly. I continue to pray for you on your journey to healing.

  4. Thank you Elizabeth and Amanda! You are two dears! :) Grace and peace to you both!