Friday, July 2, 2010

Thanks to Jesus Walking in My Life

Presence of mind for problem solving and quick wit,
Such fine abilities are among Emmaline's gifts.
Jesus walking.

Displaying insight far beyond her brief years,
To our Lord, Hannah Rose both listens and hears.
Jesus walking.

Finding humor in every situation,
Quite a talent Adam has for inspiring fun.
Jesus walking.

Hanging out with his sisters and mother,
Joseph watches the back of his brother.
Jesus walking.

Teaching with wisdom that is very sage,
Counseling from Chuck can help any age.
Jesus walking.

Lavishing immense care on both young and old,
Under Ellie's watchfulness, lives she helps mold.
Jesus walking.

Her gentle, sweet spirit is such a rare find,
All know dear Sarah to be one of a kind.
Jesus walking.

On His strength she relies for her talent to cope,
Living for Jesus has given Helen her Hope.
Jesus walking.

Countless young lives inspired by his mentoring skills,
The right path, purpose, assurance Lindy instills.
Jesus walking.

Devotion to family, community, job,
Nana's witness that she is by no means a slob.
Jesus walking.

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