Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Generations

Well, this is the life adventure of three generations...Ginny (Dukes), HR, Bub, & Lily. This blog was made to keep track of our own memories, as well as share them with you! For everything girly, frilly, pretty, bohemian, fun, silly, or Lily, this is the place to be. We'll be sharing our everyday adventures, from teaparties with tea to teaparties with Glenn Beck. We'll share our fun times, as well as our passion to live for and honor Jesus in all we say, think, or do and to serve and love each other. We'll share how that passion and faith spills out into our lives, whether we are going out for an afternoon on the town, or standing up for the unborn in a march for life! Expect lots of pictures! Maybe we'll share some craft ideas and tips, from scrapbooking to cardmaking, or whatever other project we're on! There will definitely be pictures of these projects, such as our ever-changing, cozy cottage and country garden. Oh, and we have a new edition to our 'club' coming soon...Lily Katherine is due to arrive on March 14th (National Potato Chip Day!) Dukes has already so lovingly coined her with the nickname, Spud. :) Yep, it's gonna be exciting...

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